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Hear are key advantages offered by HIGHLINE LED

Hotel and Hospitality LED Lighting Supplier

An innovative lighting solution can transform your hotel, motel, or resort into a “home away from home” for your guest....

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Architectural Lighting Solutions Texas
Architectural Lighting Solutions

Lighting plays a vital role in the way people experience and understand architecture. Whether buildings and structures are lit naturally...

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Customised Guestroom Lighting Texas
We do customised guestroom lighting package for almost all brand

Where we fit in. We at Highline LED provides Guestroom Lighting Packages for almost all brand stadards at best price...

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Wholesale Led Lighting Distributor & Supplier Company 

Highline Led is Located in Midland, Texas Country USA. Who Works For Customer Best Service in Led Lightings, As led lights, wholesale suppliers, We have a wide range of collection for both indoor led lighting and outdoor led lighting we also serve for Residential Led lighting and commercial led lighting at wholesale rate. Best price in town, you will never regret your decision to buy from Highline led lights.

We also provide a variety of residential, business, showroom, hotels, restaurants, and many LED lighting solutions. Highline LED offers you a different color spectrum of LED bulbs for home led lighting and office led lighting.

We work hard to research the best quality Indoor LED lighting and outdoor LED lighting at the lowest cost. If you want to seat back and rest without bothering your daily routine from changing led panels contact us.

We take full projects of homes, hotels, restaurants, showroom, office and many other businesses from your interior led lighting collection to the exterior led lighting collection we have all types of led lights for your need ideas of decoration with energy efficiency and long-lasting lights.

We Are Trusted LED Lights Wholesale supplier

We can say that we are trusted led lights, wholesale lighting distributors, from our customers as they refer us to other people and also be loyal to us by buying our products repeatedly. We got very less complaints about our service and products.

Our main goal is to make happy businesses and homeowners, who consult us with a much more affordable, energy-efficient, and decorative lighting setup. Ask for a quotation directly from our Whatsapp button or mail us at usasales@highlineled.com. Call us at 833-344-4454 our company time MON-FRI 9 AM -5 PM.

Check Out Our Product range

We serve all your wholesale LED lighting needs our specialize in:


We can meet your design needs at a low price and save your money. As your LED lights wholesaler, we also are led wholesale supply of LED strip lighting with RGB controllers and dimmers. Our wholesale LED lights are low-volt and high intensity.

 We offer exclusive service as per client involve with us we treat every client individually with the best customer service you won’t get anywhere else. LED lights distributors, is our name in Midland, Taxes country the USA.

Ask For your quote depending on your business like your restaurant, coffee shop, café, bar, home, or office lighting project.

For our customers, we are the Led lighting distributors in USA.

Low Prices

Why there is a bond with our customers is because we give the best price which highly none of the wholesalers can give them. Our pricing depends on your order and the products you ask for. As per the size of the order, we give you discounts.

If you are thinking to start a startup or office or buying a new home you should visit our website once. We are sure you will be impressed by our quality products and their low pricing.

Highline LED a led light distributors provides a great experience to its customers with some stunning lighting solutions. We have a range of fancy lights that can be installed at your outdoors or indoors to make your place look more gorgeous. We have a package of lighting for each and every place. Decorate your home, office, and hotels with some awesome lighting.

Choose LEDs for a Better Experience

Light-emitting diodes, what we call LEDs are energy savers. They consume less power efficiency as compared to other lights and bulbs. They are brighter and do not have mercury. Nowadays everyone prefers LEDs rather than normal bulbs. As they come in different varieties you get a choice to fix fancy and stylish ones wherever you want. Now they are used at every commercial and non-commercial place. They are the prior choices for indoors as well as outdoors.

Places where LEDs are Used

They are used everywhere from home to street lights, you can find LEDs wherever you go. There are some areas where proper lighting is very necessary such as underground parking lots and godowns and here they are the perfect picks. Some places where you can install LEDs are listed below:

Hotels: Every hotel, motels, and restaurants are enlightened with fancy and attractive lighting. The corridor, guestrooms, and suite every place is flawlessly illustrated with astonishing lanterns. When you visit a hotel the most impressive thing that you notice there is the lighting of the place. Wall lights, floor lights, sconces, and ceiling lights have the ability to allure your heart.

Showrooms: Car showrooms, exhibition halls, and furniture shops always possess beautiful LEDs. The main reason behind it is that you can see each and every detail of the product clearly under the lights. Whether it’s a car, jewelry, or chairs, and a table you can focus on everything if the lights installed there are proper.

Gas Stations: Proper lighting is a must at gas stations. As it is a place that is open 24/7 it’s maintenance and effective working is important. After dusk, the place needs bright lights and for that Led lights are the best choice. Led linear lights, ufo high bay, and many other lights are available at our online store all from led light wholesale distributors by Highline LED Lighting.

Offices: You spend more than half of your day at the office from morning to evening. Fresh and sparkling environment makes you feel cool and calm while working and if you are into any delicate working process then you need efficient lights. You can make your workplace gleam by installing beautiful lanterns and sconces there.

Hospitals: This is the place where everything should be perfect. Parking, wards, corridors, and every corner of the hospital must have adequate brightness. LEDs are the best options here as they are energy-saving and have a range of lamps and bulbs for every location, you can definitely pick them blindly for any place.

Parks: It is a place where kids and adults go to make their mood fresh. The perfect timing to go to parks and gardens is at sundown and after this phase of the day, the park needs lights. As children play there so the place needs to be bright or else there are chances that they might hurt themselves.

For relevant lighting solutions choose us and we will help you whenever you need us.



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