We Provide Customized In-Room Lighting Solution

Lighting is one of the essential elements of a room and can impact how everything else from the wall color to the art to the rug looks. That’s why it’s important to plan your lighting design early and consider all the sources of light you’ll need, whether it’s a headboard light over the bed for reading or an eye-catching wall light over the sofa that illuminates the room.

Every room in your place is different

Lower temperature bulbs produce warm whites, while medium temperature bulbs produce neutral whites, and higher temperature bulbs produce cool whites or daylight.

It is also a common misconception that the brightness of a light bulb is measured in Watts. Watts actually measure energy usage, while Lumens measure brightness.

Living Room Lighting

A living room without the right lighting just won’t feel complete. It may not even be a space where you enjoy spending time, no matter how much you love your furniture or the space itself.

Excellent living room lighting is also key for creating a space where guests feel comfortable, sociable, and relaxed. From formal living rooms used only for entertaining to living rooms that get used every day, we’ve got the floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, and ceiling lights you need.

Lighting for Hallways

As transition areas between rooms, hallways don’t pose as many specific lighting concerns as other spaces. Choose a flush-mount ceiling fixture for inconspicuous light, or attach a few sconces and hallway lights along the wall for indirect lighting. You don’t typically need particularly bright light in hallways.

Bedroom Lighting

Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is probably the only one you spend time in when it’s completely dark, completely bright and completely somewhere in between. So, getting your bedroom lighting design just right is essential to making it a comfortable place to rest your head at night, to rise and shine each morning and to go about your day.

Bedrooms usually have some sort of ambient lighting combined with wall lighting for reading and other tasks. Consider adding headboard lighting with a reading light above the head of the bed, but avoid installing lights directly above the bed.

Like any other room, a bedroom needs general lighting. You want to provide enough light for dressing, while at the same time, keeping the tone warm and relaxing. Recessed lighting fixtures controlled by a dimmer gives you the ability to up the light while getting ready on a cloudy morning, or dim it down for your bedtime routine.

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Bathroom Lighting

Before we go to school or work, most of us get ready by looking in the bathroom mirror. Ideally, we want the lighting to come from around the mirror rather than on the ceiling. Using bright lights will ensure we don’t miss a spot shaving or mess up our makeup. Since many of us start the day with a shower, putting a high output surface mount retrofit fixture in the shower fixture is a great way to start waking up before tackling the day ahead. Use an Illuminated mirror or vanity light to illuminate common fixture places.

The primary objectives of your bathroom are safety, function, and aesthetics, as they are for most rooms. You should have a bright light in your bathrooms that is even and shadow-free. We recommend recessed lighting and vanity lights for your bathroom since it frees up space and provides a clean, glare-free look.