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What is Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lighting is lighting used within business spaces such as offices, stores, universities, hospitals and government buildings, basically spaces that are not industrial, manufacturing or residential buildings. Commercial lighting fixtures are used indoors (commercial indoor lighting) and outdoors (commercial outdoor lighting) by businesses worldwide.

Whether you are looking to install lighting inside or outside, commercial LED lights will provide you with the most longsighted and cost-effective solution. Our industrial-grade luminaires gives great lumen output while using minimal energy possible. 

We offer a diverse range of options for home lighting and business locations alike. Choose from the most popular types of recess troffers, panel lights, high bays, and more. In addition to indoor commercial lighting solutions, you will also find a wide range of outdoor options. These solutions carry several important ratings and manufacturing specifications to ensure longevity in the toughest of conditions such as rain, wind, snow, and heat exposure. Whether looking for high powered parking lot lights or small walkway lights to add to your steps, we have something for both ends of the illumination spectrum.

Advantages of Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Commercial lighting fixtures are crucial for the modern business environment, from offices and retail stores to hotels and restaurants. Commercial light fixtures are diverse and versatile, providing adequate layering of light in every space of the commercial property. Employees and office personnel need to be able to work in a comfortable, safe environment, and the right commercial lighting can make all the difference.

There is a diverse selection of lighting designs to choose from that will beautify the workplace from industrial to mid-century modern. From art galleries and restaurant lighting to lighting for colleges and universities, commercial lighting fixtures are an essential component to support the contemporary workplace environment.

Illuminating the Workplace with Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Commercial ambient lighting provides basic adequate lighting to create a comfortable, functional workplace environment. Each space will have specific needs based on the size, capacity, and function of the space. For instance, the lighting in the reception areas needs to be functional and create a welcoming, positive atmosphere. Since commercial lighting fixtures are an integral part of the interior design, it’s important to also think about wall colors and areas that will need to be highlighted. Selecting light with the best color temperature will help keep the environment comfortable.

When it comes to proper illumination, you need the right solutions. Here at HIGHLINE LED, we are offering a wide range of selections tailored to the specific needs of the location.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Lighting: Creates a welcoming and safe outdoor atmosphere. With a creative implementation, landscape lighting can create a dramatic and stylish for any building or courtyard.

Flood Lights: Essential for basic building lighting, floodlights provide proper illumination for large outdoor areas.

Post Lights & Bollard Lights: An easy, attractive way to light up walkways and stairways while providing safe passageways for pedestrians.

Outdoor Wall Lights: Improves functionality in outdoor areas and accentuates architectural features of the commercial workspace.

Patio Lighting: Illuminates areas of high traffic to increase comfort, safety, and aesthetics. It is essential for restaurants, hotel courtyards, apartment complex communities and pool areas.

Commercial Indoor Lighting

Pendants: Attractive fixtures that suspend from the ceiling to provide ambient lighting. It will Simple to catch the eye of customers and clients.

Ceiling Lights: Provide adequate ambient lighting to create a safe, productive commercial environment.

Track Lights: A series of fixtures on a track that are a flexible lighting solution. These can be used to highlight unique areas of a room, art installations, or for general lighting.

Recessed Lighting: It is useful for areas that need focused lighting – such as food preparation areas and kitchens, cashier checkouts, or to add simple, even illumination for hallways.