Hotel and Hospitality Led Lighting Supplier

HIGHLINE LED – Who we are?

We help companies, industries & people experience the power & possibility of light. With its headquarters located in Midland TX, USA; HIGHLINE LED stands upfront since the year 2017. Within a short period; it has led us to a bright future considering our vast technical knowledge & professional experience in the field of lighting. Since our inception, we’ve thrived to design solutions that are high performance, energy efficient, cost efficient & easy to integrate

We embarked on our journey in 2017 with our headquarters located in Midland, TX, USA. Having started from a warehouse with a small area of 3000 SQFT, we now boast of operating in a facility which is spread across a massive area of 20,000 Sqft.

Our lighting solutions comprise of Outdoor, in-room, commercial & bespoke designs as per customer’s needs & requirements.

Through vast technical & professional Experience we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves within a short period.

Highline stands committed to solutions for energy propagation & execution across the USA has served over 5000 clients; with a forte in serving to Hospitality & huge global hotel chains.

With not limiting ourselves to just operating & serving clients; we also take pride in participating in several trade shows & expos across the globe.

LED Lighting Supplier for Hotel/Motel & Commercials  

Lighting in hotels and resorts can impact how guests feel about their stay. HIGHLINE LED offers a vast selection of hotel LED lighting and Hospitality lighting solutions, including new LED hospitality lighting fixtures as well as LED retrofits for existing hotel light fixtures. Our LED lights serve the varied needs of hotels, motels and commercials while providing substantial cost savings. Choose from a wide variety of LED lighting options, including LED panel lights, tube lights, wall packs, canopy lights, parking lot lights and emergency lights, as well as LED light bulbs and retrofits.

Outdoor Lighting

HIGHLINE LED Outdoor lighting not only looks fantastic but is also durable and weatherproof thanks to its high-quality materials and IP65 rating LED chips. The knowledge that spring will come again and your outdoor lighting will be waiting is guaranteed to help you through even the harshest of winter weather. Safe handling and easy fitting mean that even amateurs can achieve results worthy of an experienced wireman when installing our outdoor lights.

Our outdoor lighting has mean well driver and a 5-year warranty for integrated LED modules. They need less maintenance than the other lights – a great way to ensure that your time outdoors is as pleasurable as possible.

Public Area Lighting

In many situations, particularly when people are concerned about security, there is a tendency to over-light a park, plaza, street, or other public space. But in fact, too much lighting can be just as bad as too little lighting. The key to developing a good plan is to relate lighting to the evening functions of a particular space because, in the larger view, street lighting is more than just a technical requirement, a security need, or a design element. It can be thought of and utilized in terms of how the type, placement, and wattage affect how a street is perceived and used.

We have a great range of public area lights with all possible types of color and wattage e.g.  Shoebox Light, Flood Light, Canopy Light, Post top, Wall Pack, Outdoor Emergency light, etc.

Outdoor Decorative Lighting

We are also providing outdoor decorative lighting solutions as per requirements that enhance your exterior looks.  We have a wide range of Up & Down light, Neon light, Outdoor Recessed light, Vapor Tight light, Bollard light, post top light, etc.

Indoor Lighting

Designed with spaces in mind, we are providing the latest design, trend, and style ideas to help you envision your perfect look. Whether you are updating your living room, dining room, bathroom, or office space then we will provide the indoor lighting solution you are looking for. We have Recessed Ceiling, Retrofit LED, Linear Lights, Track Light, Exhaust Fan with led light, Under Cabinet Light, Light Bulb, Stair Well Light, Wrap Light, Flush mount ceiling lights, Exit & Emergency Lights, Led Tube Lights, Sign Tube Lights, Wall Sconce, Vanity Lighting, Led Mirrors and Head-Board Light that will enhance all your interior.

Commercial Lighting

HIGHLINE LED’s Commercial lighting variation consists of innovative lighting solutions offering Energy saving-based products with high efficiency & energy star certified thus it gives bright lighting with fewer energy consumptions. We will provide all range of panel lights, linear lights, under-cabinet lights, Led Tube Lights, vapor tight lights, Flush mount Ceiling lights and High bay Lights.

In-Room Lighting

When it comes to setting the right mood, lighting is everything. And this is true in just about every space you enter, but casting the right light is especially important in the bedroom. As with any room in your home, your bedroom lighting should never be just an afterthought. The right lighting can take a drab space and turn it into a beautifully illuminated place that has an impact on your mood and wellbeing. Stimulate your sense of style with decorative, yet functional in-room lights from HIGHLINE LED. Whether you’re looking for a nice floor lamp, table lamp or headboard lights for nighttime reading, or wall sconces and corridor lights to enhance the look of your pathway, or illuminated mirror & vanity lights to décor your bathroom we have the lighting options you’re looking for. Take your pick from our large selection of In-Room lights in all the latest on-trend styles and finishes.